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Concrete Removal Services

We offer site excavation and loading services for concrete removal. After we break down the concrete at a site, we waste no time digging it out of the ground. Then, we take the concrete out of the project area and into trucks for removal. We use our Excavators and Bulldozers to complete this process. These powerful machines allow us to work fast. That means your time and money will never be wasted.

Equipment Upkeep

We keep all concrete removal equipment in the best possible condition. We believe that maintenance and service on our tools are always worth the effort. We check all equipment before work begins. Our tools and vehicles are always clean, and functioning at their peak. This means that we can guarantee safety at the work site. It also means we are never slowed by malfunctions. We even have our own mechanic to complete any repairs on site.

Clearing the Site

If you have trucks, we can fill them for you. If not, we will supply our own trucks. We are flexible, and know how to work with your needs. Before we start a job, we’ll work out all of the details with you. No matter what, we’re going to find a setup that stays within your budget. And we know of all the best places to dispose of concrete in Southeast Michigan.

We also offer hauling and trucking services. Visit the Trucking page for more information on that.

Contact Us Today

To discuss your concrete removal needs. We can work up a quote for you, or answer any of your questions. If you need help with something not mentioned here, get in touch with us. Chances are, we will find a way to get it done.