Arrow Drop Hammer Equipment

The Arrow Drop Hammer  is crucial to us. It’s a large, powerful hydraulic breaker. It allows us to break concrete on a huge scale. Most of our competitors don’t have anything like this. With it, we turn concrete into rubble in no time. We use it on all of our large concrete breaking jobs. It has many functions, all of which add to our work speed. If needed, we have 6 of these drop hammers to put into use. This means we can finish your project in a fraction of the time it would take other companies.


The Arrow Drop Hammer is mobile, with pneumatic tires. We use it to break down roads, parking lots, commercial and industrial floors, and the like. It works on concrete, rock, and asphalt. We use it for breaking, cutting, and scoring those materials. It can be driven on or off of paved surfaces.

It’s adjustable impact goes up to 13,000 foot pounds. This makes it ideal for breaking concrete and other hard surfaces.  This means the Arrow Drop Hammer is safe for many uses.


Our workers have years of experience with the Arrow Drop Hammer. They know when it’s needed on a job, and how to use it. Its size and power make short work of concrete breaking. It helps us to complete jobs in less time, with fewer workers. Companies without a heavy-duty breaker like this simply can’t keep up.

The Arrow Drop Hammer is always in peak condition. The same goes for all of our equipment. This means it will work properly, and safely at all times. We know how important your budget and deadline are. This machine allows us to easily manage both.

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