Excavators, Bulldozers, and Rollers

We have a number of excavators, dozers, and rollers. We regularly use these heavy-duty machines. For large projects, they’re crucial. They can dig into most materials at a work site. They are also used to move those materials from place to place. After the removal of concrete, we can place, grade, and compact 21AA with a vibratory roller. Companies without these just can’t work at the speed that we do.


Our excavators are used for tasks like:

Excavation is serious work, and requires a serious machine. Our excavators are fuel efficient, and durable. They’re powered by hydraulics, and manned by experts. Our excavators are up to date with the latest technology. We take great care in their upkeep. When we send equipment to a site, we know that it works. Our team is always trained on machine usage, and current safety standards.



We have a fleet of dozers ready to prep your site of your next project. Whether we are cutting grade or pushing stone, you can be confident we have the machine that fits your job. We even have a rubber track dozer that can be used for those hard to reach places, preserving your asphalt while cutting grade and placing 21AA.


Loaders and Backhoes

With our loaders and backhoes, we easily transfer large amounts of material around our work sites. They move concrete, sand, soil, and rubble. These powerful machines work on most terrain. They are a key part of our range of equipment.




Concrete Roller

The vibratory roller is brought in to finish your project. No job is complete until the 21AA is in place. Our rollers quickly compact the 21AA at your location, prepping your site for future concrete or asphalt.

We maintain these machines with great care. Our workers are trained in how to use them safely. Our team has years of experience with these heavy-duty dozers and rollers. We have used them on many large projects on commercial and industrial sites.



Don’t trust your time-sensitive project to a company that doesn’t have this equipment. Let us get the work done in time, and on budget.

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