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About Concrete
Removal Specialists

We are a full service concrete removal company serving Southeast Michigan. We specialize in the breaking, removal, and hauling of concrete. Our loyal and hardworking team has over 50 years of experience. These experts are the best in the business. We have a long history of success in Commercial and Industrial projects across the region. And we guarantee not to waste any time getting your job done quickly and safely.

Our Story

Specialized Equipment

Hard-to-find pieces of heavy equipment like the Arrow Drop Hammer set us apart from other concrete removal companies. Most don’t have access to this powerful, crucial machine. We also have ample equipment for all of your Excavation and Trucking needs. Our specialists are well trained in the use of our full range of equipment. This means we’re at the top of our game when it comes to efficiency.

Concrete Removal Equipment 2Safety Guaranteed

Safety is a top priority for us, and it always has been. We stay current on codes and regulations, which means that our work is always done right the first time. Our workers are always up to date on training and best-practices. Our equipment is also kept in the best condition at all times, with no exceptions. When we begin work, you can trust that all safety standards have been strictly obeyed.

Working Together

We know that construction companies often need outside help when it comes to concrete removal, concrete breaking, and hauling. We’re here to get your site ready for work. Over the years, we’ve worked with many different companies on a wide variety of projects. Their continued loyalty is something we’re proud to have earned. We’d love to have a chance to earn yours.

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